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Car Rider Reminders

Good Evening.  We are having a few issues in our car rider lines, both drop-off and pick-up.  There is a link below to video resources on how to use the lines.  

Here are the concerns.

For AM:

The lines actually form in front of the high school.  Cars coming from the Middle School Parking lot do NOT have the right-of-way.  We have parents cutting others off.  Please be mindful that cars using the line correctly have the right-of-way.  We are going to have an accident if we continue to pull in front of the folks doing it correctly.  

Also, please remember to pull forward.  Many cars are simply stopping at the first door.  The line is to progress down to the sign.  I do not want anyone to be rear-ended due to a sudden stop.  Please do NOT drive around the other cars.  Doors will open on both sides of the vehicles!

For PM:

Parents should use the car rider line.  You should not be entering the building to pick up students, unless you are coming early to sign them out.  We have a procedure in place for safety purposes.  Please note that parents should not be buzzing in to school to pick up the students, unless it is for early release.  We have to account for each student leaving each day.

I know that we all have places to be and would like to move on with our business.  Our procedures are put in place to be safe and as efficient as possible for our space.  I thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter.  And please keep in mind, safety is the driver behind these, not convenience.  If we all follow procedures, it will go as quickly as possible.

Thank you

Chris Kane

Silver Creek Elementary

Car Rider Resources